Within our range of services we organise coverages for policies with special requirements according to the specific circumstances of our clients. Among the areas in which we focus and are currently active:

We specialise in providing Insurance Services for Expatriates, giving policy advice and processing claims in English, we offer an efficient, quality and proven service for our clients.

• Evaluation and management of risks and the preparation of insurance policies, analysing the needs of our clients and investigating all options in the insurance market right through to choosing the most suitable options. We recommend the most appropriate form of insurance according to professional criteria and our clients’ needs. We aim to achieve the best conditions at a reasonable cost from the most innovative and market leading Insurance companies available.

• Preparation of insurance portfolios for companies and searching for the best coverage terms in the insurance market. Design of special coverages, including drafting specific clauses that a policy may need for the best risk coverage. By designing specific insurance programs for our clients, we achieve optimal coverage at the lowest possible cost. We also advise on the interpretation of insurance clauses and insurance products in general.

• Reviewing the documentation sent by the Insurance Companies to verify that it meets requirements. We keep a personalized file of the documentation of all clients, according to the Data Protection Law 15/1999.

You can be sure that your needs will be met from canvassing the market for the best price and coverage options to the administration of your policy in case of a claim.

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