Personal Insurance: At CM Seguros we offer you the best solutions for your peace of mind. Tell us your needs, we are here to help you.

• Life Insurance
• Accidents Insurance 
• Autonomo Insurance Subsidy
• Health Insurance
• Repatriation Insurance

Property Insurance: CM Seguros protects your properties, looking after your assets.

• Home Insurance
• Rental Insurance
• Insurance Protection for Rent Default
• Building Insurance
• Vehicle Insurance
• Boat Insurance

Business Insurance: CM Seguros considers all the options for your business, whatever its size and activity. Let us know what your needs are.

• Insurance Company Collectives
• Transportation Insurance
• Fleet Insurance
• Insurance General Civil Liability
• Civil Liability Insurance for Managers and Directors (D&O)
• Insurance Professional Liability
• Construction Insurance
• All Risk Construction Insurance
• Collective Insurance
• Insurance Agreement
• Insurance Pension Plan Employment (PPE)
• Social Security Business Insurance (PPSE)

Financial Products: We know how to protect your profits.

• Investment funds
• Pension plans
• Savings